Flowers For Mom

Why Can-O-Grams?

Can-O-Grams are an amusing alternative for a gift card or box. These smartly designed cans can be filled with money, candy, gift cards, small gifts or anything that will fit. Once sealed, the only way to acquire the treasure inside is to pop the top! Each can includes a self-sealing bottom, attached after the Can-O-Gram is filled with goodies. Each set includes three cans: Large can = 4”D x 5.5”H, Medium can = 3.25”D x 5”H, Small can = 3”D x 4.25”H.

Celebrate the most important woman in your life, featuring 3 different Happy Mother’s Day quotes with floral accents! These beautiful cans are the perfect way to create a well-deserved and fun gift-opening experience for Mom on her special day.


These cans may look small from a distance, but they can fit a lot of goodies inside. Depending on the gift you want to give, we have the can size for it. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Even if it is a reservation for Mother’s Day or a piece of jewelry you can still give your mother the ultimate reaction. Just imagine your mother receiving a can and curious what it is and as she opens it is a beautiful ring, a homemade drawing, or a spa in a can.

Our Favorites

Large Can - Large cans can fit many things from a t-shirt, scarf, small house decor, candles, you name it.  Our favorite gift to give in the large can for Mothers is a garden in a can.

o   Gardening Gloves - these are perfect because you can bend them and fold them to fit in the can.

o   Flower Packets - these are very inexpensive and have a large variety of flowers or even vegetable seeds. We recommend 2-4 packets.

o   Flower Bulbs - depending on how they come these are great too. We got ours from our local store. Four bulbs came in a bag and fit perfectly into the can.

o   Apron- depending on the size you buy and the material you should be able to fit an apron in the can.

Medium Can - medium cans are perfect for spa in a can, school spirit filled with your school’s appeal.


o   Bath Salts – great filler for the can. Only fill it half way with bath salts so you can fit other items into the can.

Lush – this place is great if you want bath bombs, bars of soaps, products for hair, face, body, you name it. Depending on what your mom likes will determine the product.

o   Face Mask – we recommend the face mask that come in the pouch that way you can bend them, and they will fit better in the can rather than a tube or small jar.

Bath and Body Works- when you check out there are normally a few tables or stands that have travel size or small items. These are perfect for the spa cans. You

Small Can – this can might be small, but you can still be a gift certificate in it, gift card, reservation card, or a drawing you made. This one is great for our arts and crafts moms.

o   Gift Card – put a gift card to her favorite arts and crafts store. This could be Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jo-Anns or a local store. 

o   Sewing Kit- you can buy needles, thread, pins or new sewing foot your mom may want or need

o  Project- print off a project you might want to do and put in inside with a note. You can then go to the store and pick out fun materials for the project

Andrew Nimsgern