What Kind of Gift Giver Are You? 

Find the perfect products to match your gift-giving personality!


The Shy Gift Giver 

You know all too well that awkward feeling of giving a gift. Your mind races with questions like, “do you tell them what it is before you give it to them? Do you smile, do you stare, do you make conversation with someone else and pretend you’re not paying attention? Will they like it, will they think my gift is ridiculous, should have I kept the receipt, should I leave before the gift opening?” Gifts of Gab will take the edge off of gift-giving and get the conversation ball rolling

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"Let Me Be Frank" Embellishment Edition
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The Extraordinaire Gift Giver 

You are simply remarkable. You're known to go above and beyond without even trying. You make spectacular look effortless. Everything you do generates “Oohs” and “Aahs”. Because of this, you will be an early adopter of Gifts of Gab because you will innately recognize the WOW-factor potential.


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The Wanna-Be-Extraordinaire
Gift Giver

You could be an extraordinaire if only you had as much time to do the things as you had intended. You are the person that steals fives minutes here and there to browse Pinterest, but you can never seem to find the time to do all those Pinterest-y things that you set out to do. The ease and simplicity of Gifts of Gab will guarantee your project completion compounded with the sweet reward of those well-deserved “Oohs” and “Aahs” – the sound of pure happiness.

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The Soulful Gift Giver

You're super crafty and all about the experience of personalizing gifts to be as unique as the recipient. You truly put your heart and soul into the entire gift-giving process. The variety of Gifts of Gab editions offers countless options that are sure to express, starting with the presentation, the true effort and thought you have put in to the gift.


The Practical Gift Giver 

You make the most of your money without sacrificing quality. You plan ahead, are always prepared, and seem to find the best deals. Gifts of Gab will be loved by the you, mostly for it’s affordable price point, high-quality look and small time commitment, and Gifts of Gab comes in kits – enough for 3 or more gifts – so you can totally stock up!


The Quirky Gift Giver

You're so witty. You like the unexpected. And, you love making others laugh! You are easily amused by pranks and jokes. Many of the Gifts of Gab Editions could be described as amusing, unexpected and/or humorous.