How do I know what size boxes to use for which stickers and embellishments?

Great question. There will be a little DIY required to ensure that you have the perfect size box for your sticker and embellishment sets. A lot of the legwork is actually guesswork. You may have to do some measuring from the book to the box.


What do I do if the sticker will not stick to my gift box?

Oh no! Did you make sure the backing is completely peeled off? Is your box/gift wrap manufactured with a wax ingredient? Sometimes stickers will not adhere properly if the substrate being applied to has a wax film. If there seems to be something defective with the quality of the glue, please fill out the form on our Returns & Exchanges link on the bottom of this website.


What to do if my sticker is stuck to the backing?

All is not lost! It may take just a dabble of water on one of the sticker edges to soften the backing, thus allowing you to grab and pull the sticky sticker away from the backing. If the sticker is completely stuck to the backing, and damage has been done to the sticker, please fill out the form on our Returns & Exchanges link on the bottom of this website.      


Are the stickers reusable?

We wish we could tell you “yes” however, once a sticker is adhered to a gift box/wrap, it’s pretty much become permanent at that point. With that being said, you might just luck out if you apply your sticker to a hard surface in which the sticker did not adhere to it.


What do I do if my products were delivered in the mail damaged?

Oh darn! The first thing to do would be to fill out the form on our Returns & Exchanges page on this website. We will have your package insured, so don’t worry, we will be covered too.


What types of materials are used?

Our Embellishment Kits are made of a combination of paper punch outs and stickers, while our “Can-O-Grams” are sets of food-safe tin cans with adhesive labels.


Are your stickers easy to remove?

Please use caution while applying the stickers to the box/gift wrap. They have a little forgiveness where you might be able to shift the sticker slightly to maneuver it in the right spot. It’s best to have a plan of attack before removing any stickers from the booklet.


How do I apply large stickers to my gift box?

The larger the sticker, the trickier the application process. Prepare your gift box ahead of time and determine the exact location of where the decal is going to be placed. Peel the entire sticker from the backing. Carefully lay the bottom side of the sticker down onto the box, and using your fingers, smooth the sticker swiping side to side until the entire sticker is adhered.


Can I use the gift stickers on gift bags?

 YES. Gifts of Gab Embellishment Kits are the perfect way to dress up any gift box or bag.


My box/book was missing pages and items?

Dang! You will want to treat this as a return or exchange, so please fill out the form on our Returns & Exchanges page on this site.