Better Than An Easter Basket

What is a Can-O-Gram?

Easter Funny Cans Set Front.jpg

Can-O-Grams are an amusing alternative for a gift card or box. These smartly designed cans can be filled with money, candy, gift cards, small gifts or anything that will fit. Once the can is sealed, the only way to acquire the treasure inside is to pop the top! Each can set includes a self-sealing bottom, attached after the Can-O-Gram is filled with goodies. Each set includes three cans.

Our “Better Than Chocolate Bunnies” Can-O-Gram edition includes a set of 3 different hilarious cans, featuring the unique and sarcastic Easter snacks of Cheeps, ABC Carrots, and Grass-Flavored Jelly Beans! These cute and witty Easter-themed cans are the best way to gift candy and treats from the Easter Bunny.

Ideas To Give The Best Easter Gifts:

  1. Sending an Easter Basket? Send an Easter Can this year!

    • Have a college kid far away for Easter? Maybe a grandchild, nephew or friend in a different state? These fun Easter cans make it easy to send Easter baskets. Fill it with goodies you normally would, seal it, and it is good to go. They won’t be expecting what is inside!

  2. Twist On Easter Egg Hunt

    • Say goodbye to the golden egg in the Easter egg scavenger hunt. Replace the golden egg with a can filled with so much many more goodies and variety.

  3. Too Large To Fit In A Basket?

    • Ever have a gift that is too large to put inside an Egg or in a Basket? Put a picture, or goodies associate with the ultimate surprise gift inside the can! They won’t see what is coming when they pop open the top of the can!


7 Goodies Ideas To Fill Your Can-O-Gram:

  1. Easter Candy Galore: Peeps, candy, cookies, jelly beans, any food you can fit! (All cans are food safe)

  2. Spring Colored Spa Kit: Nail polish, bath bombs, face masks, loofah, scrunchies

  3. Boring Gifts For Hard To Buy Kids: Gift cards or money but in a fun way (the same price as a card and WAY more fun to receive and open)

  4. Crafty Kit Can: Crayons, glitter glue, little coloring pages, pipe cleaners, chalk set

  5. Movie Theater Kit: Popcorn bag, movie theater gift card, movie theater candy, pre-purchased tickets to a movie

  6. Sports Fan Can: Favorite sports team sticker, tshirt, maybe even tickets to the next big game!

  7. HUGE Gifts: Trampoline, bikes, etc. — Put in a picture of the item so they think it is something small, or else put in a hint so they can go hunt and discover their big gift, or you can put in small gifts that associate with the large gift!