Can-Grats Can-O-Grams Set


Why Can-O-Grams?

Can-O-Grams are an amusing alternative for a gift card or box. These smartly designed cans can be filled with money, candy, gift cards, small gifts or anything that will fit. Once sealed, the only way to acquire the treasure inside is to pop the top! Each can includes a self-sealing bottom, attached after the Can-O-Gram is filled with goodies. Each set includes three cans: Large can = 4”D x 5.5”H, Medium can = 3.25”D x 5”H, Small can = 3”D x 4.25”H.

Our “CAN-Grats” Can-O-Gram edition includes a set of 3 different nesting cans that will make your grad feel special indeed, featuring The World Is Waiting, Your Future Looks Very Bright, and Carpe The Heck Out Of That Diem! These celebratory cans are the perfect way to create a unique and fun gift-opening experience for the graduate in your life.

Graduation season is here for both high school and college. Our graduation cans are perfect for giving a common gift in an uncommon way. When I graduated high school and college I had at least 3 cards that were the same. The only thing that was different was who it was from and how much money was instead. Be different! Imagine their faces when they see a can on their table or next to their card box.

You would be surprised by how much you are able to fit inside each can. Here are some of our favorite gifts to give high school graduates, college graduates or even students finishing up their last semester.

Large Can-

These large cans are great for almost anything! You could give your student a t-shirt or college apparel to the school they will be

attending, Congratulate them with a mini trip or even a time capsule of the past four years.

The World Is Waiting – After college or high school your student will be going somewhere. Maybe you are planning a trip for them or they are moving back home or to a new city. Give them a few items to surprise or help them.

Luggage Tag – great gift to give for a traveler. Sizes vary but because of the material they are easily able to bend and fit in the can.

Uber Gift Card – Its 2019! We now have Uber. Aren’t taking a car with you are maybe you and being responsible on a Friday night. Great gift to give that can be used ANYWHERE!

Watches – Want to give them something for their first job or something rewarding? How about a watch. Make sure they are running on time or the little something at pulls the business attire together.

Tickets- Mini trip! You can plan a road trip, cruise, trip across country in Amtrak or maybe oversees. Print the itinerary or tickets out and put them in the can. I bet they didn’t see a cruise coming from opening a tin can!

Medium Can-

Our medium can is great for students finishing up their last semester or just saying a job well done. We think this is a great can to give sunshine or happiness. Give them happiness and joy after they just finished 4 years of school. Give them a little sunshine as they push through their last semester. You can put almost anything they like or need in this can that is YELLOW!

Car Fresheners - You can never go wrong with a fresher. It can be for the car, bathroom or even bedroom.

Bath Bomb - Take a load off and enjoy! Draw a hot bath and enjoy the relaxation.


Candy- Fill the can with candy, gum or little treats they may like.

Small Can –

This can is great for almost any little gift. This is very popular for giving gift cards, checks or cash for graduates.

Andrew Nimsgern