Custom Wedding Cans

“and so together, they built a life they loved”


Looking for a unique and perfect wedding gift, favor or a bridal party proposal? Gifts of Gab’s custom wedding cans has you cover. Customize any size can to have your picture, wedding date, names, etc on the can. In the past we have done Hangover Kits, Cans For Dads, Bridal Party Favors, Wedding Favors, Can for Bride/Groom on Wedding Day, Groomsmen/Bridesmaid Ask Cans and so much more. The options are endless. Use one of our designs and add your wedding date and names or create your own. If you can’t create your own we can for you.

How Does It Work?

  1. Pick the size and quantity

  2. Place your order

  3. Email us the design you want you on the can or we can design a can for you

  4. Wait for the cans to be delivered!

Large Can  4 x 5.5

Large Can

4 x 5.5

Medium Can  3.25 x 5

Medium Can

3.25 x 5

Small Can  3 x 4.25

Small Can

3 x 4.25