"Let Me Be Frank" Embellishment Edition

"Let Me Be Frank" Embellishment Edition


Tell them how you really feel! The “Let Me Be Frank” Edition booklet includes 5 very blunt expressions that are sure to convey your witty gift-giving frame of mind! These humorous statement decals will ease the nervousness associated with gift-giving, and fill any awkward silences with an opportunity to tell the story behind the gift.

The decals come in a booklet with a large variety of sizes, colors, and phrases. Colors include silver glitter, gold glitter, rose gold metallic, aqua metallic, silver metallic, and gold metallic. *Colors may vary slightly from image. The glitter decals are NOT messy. Each decal ranges in size from 9.5”Lx8"W to 5”Lx2"W. Phrases include:

  • “This is for you but I want it”

  • “This was not on your list”

  • “Best gift ever”

  • “You are really hard to shop for”

  • “It’s the thought that counts”

Transparent and matte, the "Let Me Be Frank" stickers will be seamless when applied to gift bags and wrapped boxes, while the lettering will shimmer brightly to catch everyone’s attention.

These decals will work on a large variety of bag and box sizes, with a small amount of effort on your part to ensure that the stickers will work with the size and surface bag or box in which you plan to use them. From Christmas wrap to birthday gifts, the “Let Me Be Frank” Edition booklet will win over the crowd and make your gift stand out!

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