You Found a random Can of Kindness

CAN you believe it? You were one of the lucky few to find a random can of kindness out in the wild. Random Cans of Kindness is Gifts of Gab’s version of the Pay it Forward movement. Gifts of Gab started this by placing several cans out in public and filled them with small trinkets, gift cards and other surprises.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Now that you’ve found a can, YOU are able to become part of the movement. You are able to help spread joy by putting your own Random Can of Kindness out into the wild with the help of Gifts of Gab. Scroll down the page just a little bit more to learn about what the next steps are to become part of the movement.

Next Steps

  • First, make sure to enjoy the contents of the can and share them with friends and family.

  • Make sure to spread the joy by posting it on Facebook or Instagram using #RandomCansOfKindness. You can also tag @Giftsofgabshop for a chance to have us share it!

  • You can now pay it forward! Fill out the form on the bottom of this page including your full name, email, address and city you’ll be putting the can in and we’ll send you one! You’ll be able to put whatever shareable gifts in the can such as gift cards, cash, candy and other small trinkets. Then leave it in a public place and help share the joy to the next person that finds it. To request your free RCOK Can you must be 18 years or older, also must live in the continental US.

  • Lastly, you can use the $5,00 off coupon to purchase a set of fillable-giftable Can O Grams for your next event, party or holiday. For each can set that is purchased, a canned good will be donated in your honor to a food pantry or food drive

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