Decked Out In Reindeer Embellishment Edition

Decked Out In Reindeer Embellishment Edition


The “Decked Out In Reindeer” Edition of the Gifts of Gab Embellishment kit includes three festive Christmas reindeer that are fun to build, and even more fun to give! Each booklet is filled with three complete mix-and-match reindeer gift box or bag decals and cutouts, with easy-to-adhere pieces and parts. It’s now child's play to turn a simply wrapped box or plain gift bag into a magical flying reindeer!

To use, start with a simple and inexpensive gift bag or box, and add Gifts of Gab mix-and-match embellishment stickers and cardstock pieces from the booklet to create a unique gift wrap masterpiece! Everyone at the party will be talking about your yuletide gift before they even know what's inside.

The “Decked Out In Reindeer” paper craft booklet is 8.5”W x11”H, and contains two pages of gift decals and four pages of paper punch-outs. The embellishments are recommended for use on gift bags or boxes no smaller than 10 inches wide or 10 inches tall.

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